Why Joker's Standalone Origin Movie Is A Good Idea

It Can Aim For An R-Rating

Make no mistake about it; it’s hard to connect PG-13 and R-rated superhero properties. That’s one of the main reasons why X-Men films like Deadpool and Logan barely made any effort to do so, and it’s also likely why the Marvel Cinematic Universe films barely acknowledged the grittier Defenders series on Netflix. With a precedent set for PG-13 action in the DCEU with films like Wonder Woman and Justice League, the Joker movie already has one hand tied behind its back if it wants to try anything a bit edgier. Instead, by taking the Joker origin movie out of the DCEU, there’s no connection to anything that has come before it, which also means that the folks behind the film can push the envelope as far as they want in the creation of their story. Want to show the gruesome tale of how he got those scars? Not a problem.

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