What A Quiet Place 2 Could Be About, According To John Krasinski

Although the door is still open for John Krasinski to direct A Quiet Place 2, his character, Lee Abbot, was killed in A Quiet Place by the monstrous, sound sensitive creatures that had wiped out of most of Earth’s population. Thanks to his sacrifice, his family, including a newborn child, managed to escape, and Lee’s daughter, Regan, later discovered that when used with a microphone, the cochlear implant her father repaired for her was capable of weakening these creatures. That potentially sets the stage for the rest of the Abbot family to start slowly killing off these creatures in A Quiet Place 2, but if the sequel decides to follow other survivors like Krasinski suggested to Deadline, then either that plot thread won’t be followed up, or maybe the Abbots would only play a minor role in A Quiet Place 2, which still allows for a connective thread between both movies.

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