Plastic Venetian Blinds

When decorating the home there are lots of things to consider in terms of style, budget and functionality. One of the most difficult things to decide is whether to go with blinds or curtains. After all you want everything to look integrated.

Good styling can enhance the way your house looks and make you feel proud of your home. There are several benefits to having plastic Venetian blinds integral blinds installed over curtains. They come in various colors and styles. This is helpful for matching with your furniture and interior.

Venetian blinds allow you to adjust light levels in a room very easily unlike curtains. People also enjoy the privacy since it’s difficult for neighbors to see into a house with blinds.

Plastic Venetian blinds also come pre-made in lots of different sizes. In most cases you will find a blind that fits your windows. If you cannot find the right sized blind, there is also the option of custom made blinds. Usually a specialist comes round to measure your windows or you can also do it yourself.

These are a little more expensive than pre-fabricated blinds but might be necessary if you have lots of different sized windows in your home. In addition you can be more specific with style and material.
While plastic Venetian blinds are perhaps the most common, you can buy blinds made from more expensive materials such as aluminum and wood. You can also choose the width of the slats on the blind.

Micro-Venetian aluminum blinds match modern styled households while wooden blinds give a more homely feel. Plastic Venetian blinds are suited to all environments unlike wooden blinds. They are waterproof and are easily kept clean.

Contrary to what most people think, blinds are not hard to clean. You can remove dust and dirt very easily using a blind cleaner. A handheld vacuum on a very low setting is also effective at cleaning blinds.

Curtains on the other hand are much more difficult to clean. To wash curtains, they have to be taken down and put through the washer. There’s also the need to hang them out to dry and iron them once dried.

When it comes to installation, plastic Venetian blinds are far easier to install compared to curtains. Even a DIY novice can easily install blinds without a professional. All you need to do is measure where you will place the brackets and screw them in and you’re done. When it comes to practicality and affordability, Venetian blinds are a great choice.

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