iGenics Review

iGenics Review 

Do you know how special gift that we are having in our body? God is a great dreamer and a designer who sculpted us in this world to feel the joy of seeing the beauty of nature and allows to full fill your life with perfect health. But, in this world everyone was not born healthy, not living healthy and not dying healthy. Each and Everyone has the problem, whether it may be physically or mentally due to lack of vitamins, genetical issue, accident, the worst combination of foods, aging, environment problems, lifestyle and more.

Recently I noticed that newborn baby had got the vision problem and the doctor prescribed to use glass for that baby. A person over the age of 30 and more also lost there because of medications that they were taking for some other health problems. Even an aged people are also losing their vision, and they feel challenging to identify the things around them. Some of the eye specialists recommend to eye surgery, laser treatment and more to correct improving your vision. But everyone not achieving the desired result from it.

Side Effects:

Most of the people hesitate to undergo eye surgery because lack of money and the risk they avoid to take next step. Do you know for what reason people are suffering from vision problem and how to cure it by naturally? Nowadays people are working hard by sitting in front of the computer without rest, and they are not having enough sleep to give rest for their brain, eyes and optic nerves. So day by day it gets worse and makes you lose eyesight. Even small children to the age-old person using high radiation mobile phone to play games, surfing online, watching videos on social media, for more hours without blinking their eye. Before going to sleep also they are using a mobile phone, laptops to damages their eyes and killing themselves for their present happiness.

If you are one of the people wants to improve the eyesight of yourselves or your loved ones naturally, sure this article will help you to find the best solution, that you can follow in your daily life to experience the better result. First, you must find the problem occurred in your eye to know exactly what happens in your eyesight. So you will get chance to know how to cure it by using some ideas, tips and methods to recover from vision loss naturally.


Make Correction In Your Daily Diet Plan: You must intake right combination of foods like veggies, fruits, green leafy, spices, herbs, to improve your eyesight naturally and faster. It suggests you eat more nutrient dense foods, vitamins, minerals to fill the gap to support your eye health as better day by day. By eating the right combination of food will more antioxidants, the immune power to destroy the cause and allows you get a crystal clear vision in short few days. You can take Cod Liver Oil (Omega Fatty Acid), Carrots, Spinach, Sprouts, lemon, eggs to supply the required nutrients and vitamins to enhance the vision health & stay healthy forever.

Eye Exercises: Most doctors and physician recommends to follow eye exercise for functioning the specific nerves of your eye to get back clear vision in just a few days. When you start following the eye exercise, sure you will feel comfortable to refresh your eye health, and it helps to relax for functioning as normal without worries. You can follow Palming, Blinking, Sideways Viewing, Rotational Viewing, Up and Down Viewing, Near and Distance Viewing and much more.Ingredients:

  • Whenever you go out in sunny, don’t watch the sun with the naked eye because it damages the optic nerve and leads to losing your vision. You can use sunglass to avoid the UV exposure also.
  • You can use the potato slice to cover the eyes when you are going to sleep or applying a face mask because it will help to relax your eye and make support to strengthening the nerves from the harness.
  • Eat fresh juices and foods rich in vitamin A, C, lutein to start repairing your eyes naturally and take care of your eyes in a matter of days.
  • Wear sunglass when you are at driving or walk on the road to avoid the dust pollution that affects your eyes. Even you can rinse your eyes with cold water by splashing water to make your eyes relaxed and feel the freshness that allows taking rest.
  • Don’t use watch TV, laptop, PC, mobile phones for a long hour because the emission of harmful radiations will damage your eyesight and increase the risk of developing age-related macular generation cataract and optic nerve damage.
  • Reduce the brightness and keep far away from your eyesight to use the phones and computer will reduce the strain and allows you to stay better with your clear vision.
  • Intake of cucumber can support to cleanse your eyes and covering your eyes with cucumber slice will help to reduce the pressure as well as promotes to correct your eye health for having better vision in few days.


Many people thought keeping our eye health is very difficult, but actually, it is straightforward because eyes always expect nutrients, vitamins, relaxation, and rest to promote the perfect vision by boosting the optic nerves. You can follow the simple exercise, and healthy combination of diet plan will maximize the health of your eyes in fewer days. Avoid taking harmful medications, junk foods, processed foods and other environmental malfunction to reduce the pressure on the eyes. When you start correcting all the stuff sure, you will get back the lost eyesight without losing your confidence level.


If you want to keep your eye health and wants to get a clear vision, you must spend some valuable time to do eye exercise and eat right foods with complete vitamins, nutrients, minerals to improve your image in just a few days. It will be the best chance to override the common vision problems like nearsighted, farsighted, presbyopia and more. Just give importance to your health to overcome any health issues and start living diseaseless life till your life ends. So don’t miss this chance.

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iGenics Review
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