Free Roaming Is Coming To Need For Speed: Payback

Anyway, the update will also arrive with the new Catch-Up Packs, which is a cash shop pack designed to help players speed up their progression in Need For Speed: Payback. Electronic Arts caught a lot of ire last year for the microtransactions in the game, especially given that it’s possible to buy these packs to upgrade your in-game performance and give you an edge during races. Well, the Catch-Up Packs are designed for players who have been left behind in the multiplayer progression arena, and you can essentially pay to catch up and progress through the game faster. These packs will unlock once you reach certain chapters in the game’s campaign mode. The packs will unlock a level 6 tune-up pack at chapter 3, a level 11 pack at chapter 4, and a level 16 pack at chapter 5.

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