Fortnite's 50v50 Mode Is Back, For Now

The Infinity Gauntlet mode, on the other hand, started early last week and starts off as a standard version of Battle Royale. A crossover event with Marvel, the whole ordeal changes once the Infinity Gauntlet crashes down onto the map, giving one player the ability to turn into the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Grabbing the gauntlet makes you look like Thanos, gives your health and shield a big boost, and also grants a few new abilities. As Thanos, you can shoot a powerful beam of energy at your enemies, you can punch hard enough to pulverize other players and parts of structures, and you can leap into the air to gain a better view of the battlefield. Even better, once airborne, you can come crashing down to earth at a desired location or even fire your weapon while hovering for a while. The mode received a pair of patches already to make Thanos a little less OP, and people seem to really be enjoying the mode.

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