All the Major Theories About The Soul Stone In Avengers: Infinity War

Forget #Justice4Haweye, the Soul Stone is the OG mystery of Avengers: Infinity War. The epic blockbuster will see almost the entirety of the MCU coming together to prevent Thanos from acquiring the six Infinity Stones and with them mastery over all of reality. Five of the stones have thus far been featured over the course of 10 years but the final stone has yet to appear. This has led some fans to develop dozens of theories about the location of the Soul Stone before the answer is finally revealed.

Avengers: Infinity War has been an incredibly secretive movie, but that has not stopped fans from pouring over every inch of information available. Piecing together footage from trailers, set leaks, the barest of teases, and a pinch of comic book knowledge, fans have done their detective work to track the final stone. Some theories are strong. Some are just plain wacky. All of them are fun. Here are some of the biggest ones you need to know.

The Soul Stone Is On Titan

Let’s get the obvious and perhaps the strongest theory out of the way first. Titan is the homeworld of Thanos and we know that it’s been desolated by some catastrophe decades ago. There are no hints as to what this extinction level event was but the strong money is that it has to do with the Soul Stone. Infinity Stones hold great power and it wouldn’t be the first time one was used to wipe out a planet. If the stone did kill his world, it makes sense that Thanos would avoid it for emotional reasons. Plus, the planet is orange, the same color as the Soul Stone, which is probably not a coincidence.

It’s Been In Wakanda The Whole Time

Before Black Panther released and became the highest grossing superhero movie ever made, there was a solid chance that the Soul Stone would be revealed to be in Wakanda. That was not the case, and Ryan Coogler purposefully left the stone out of his movie, but some fans are having a hard time letting go. Some theories state that the Soul Stone was in the vibranium meteorite that crash-landed in what would become Wakanda. It’s buried deep within the Earth and is what gives the Heart-Shaped Herb it’s power (and all the kooky visions). At this point, the chances aren’t great this will end up being the case, but it was a fun theory to think about.

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