9 TV Shows That Have Already Been Cancelled In 2018

The TV landscape is more competitive than ever, with roughly a bazaillatrillion shows currently in production. But with all these new series popping up all the time, there necessarily needs to be cancellations balancing the scales. Even though we’re not even through the first quarter of the year, audiences have already suffered series-ending blows for a sizable number of fan-friendly shows.

So let’s take a look at all the TV shows that viewers have already had to mourn in 2018. Major networks don’t usually go heavy on announcing show endings until May shows up, but ABC let a couple slide early on, while cable and streaming outlets were far freer with their cancellation announcements. (Head to last year’s cancellation list to see if any of the shows you’re looking for got the axe in 2017.)

Once Upon a Time – ABC

The fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time had already caused eyebrows to raise with its thematic reboot for the currently airing Season 7, and it wasn’t immediately obvious how the ABC hit would continue on for many more years. Perhaps understandably then, the network didn’t even wait until the season was over before announcing Once Upon a Time was coming to an end. As disappointing as that news may have been for many, at least it gave the showrunners a chance to wrap things with a definitive ending, as opposed to an awkward cliffhanger.

Chance – Hulu

As his first big leading TV series role after his celebrated run on House — with Veep being a co-starring role, and Night Manager being a miniseries — Hugh Laurie teamed up with Hulu for the dark and quick-footed thriller Chance. Creators Alexandra Cunningham and Kem Nunn got two seasons to put Laurie and Ethan Suplee through some white-knuckle situations with all manner of dangerous people. Unfortunately, Chance never built up much of a buzz with the public, and Hulu decided that Laurie’s character had enough stress for one series, cancelling it a little over a month after Season 2 ended.

Disjointed – Netflix

It seemed like a match made in weirdo TV heaven when Kathy Bates teamed up with Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre for a broad pot comedy for Netflix. But whatever potential that combination mustered was put into a pipe and smoked out of existence, and Disjointed lived up to its name and then some. From the head-scratchingly loony cutaway moments to the ├╝ber-sitcom punchlines, Disjointed could have been one of pop culture’s most addictive weed-fueled efforts, but critical pans and viewer disinterest sealed the show’s fate, and Netflix decided to cancel it after its 20-episode first season.

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