6 DC Characters Who Wonder Woman 2 Should Introduce

Veronica Cale

Much like how Lex Luthor hates Superman for his godlike abilities and popularity in Metropolis, Veronica Cale, the head of her own large corporation, hates Wonder Woman for being so easily accepted in our patriarchal society. In the comics, Veronica originally tried to turn the public against Diana through a smear campaign, but when that didn’t go as expected, she took more direct measures. As of the DC Rebirth relaunch, Veronica has been turned into a more capable foe for Wonder Woman, working behind the scenes to bring the Amazon heroine down, which is precisely how Wonder Woman 2 should use her. Keeping that in mind, Wonder Woman 2 could also take a cue from the DC Rebirth continuity by having Cale be the one who is indirectly responsible for Barbara Ann Minerva’s transformation into The Cheetah.

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